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Aaptha is a Non-Profit Organization, our prices are low when compared to other organizations, charges we collect are spent on the Welfare of caregiver and activities we conduct for elderly well being.


  • This is a basic service we provide. We appoint care companions who will look after your dear parents.

  • They visit the elder’s home according to the schedule which is twice or thrice generally.

  • They assist the elders in doing some basic and essential activities like buying groceries, medicine, fruits & vegetables, etc.

  • They also accompany and assist with social outings, park visits, any public gatherings, etc.

  • Upon all, they accompany and assist your parents with hospital visits which is a frequent and essential need of their age.

  • Also, keen monitoring of your parent’s health condition would be done every time our companion visits.

  • By spending time with them, our care companions would effectively help in avoiding the boredom and alienation that your parents might be facing or may be prone to.

  • At last, a service that can be very soothing to your hearts is, our care companions will always be available to respond and do the needful in the case of emergency.

  • For the role of care-companions, we choose effective individuals who are already comprising empathy and affection, and are further trained professionally in all manners to serve more effectively. We generally choose our companions students, housewives and retired employee who are innately motivated to serve people and society. With these Samaritans we ensure your parents or elders have a happy, safe and healthy time.



  • Care-givers assist elders with activities in daily life including bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting etc.

  • Care-givers guide elders to follow the diet advised to them by the nutritionists or the doctors.

  • Care-givers assist elders with medication as per the schedule prescribed by physician.

  • Care-givers monitor elders’ health conditions by checking their vitals on regular basis, and also checked anytime if required and the details are shared with the concerned people.

  • Care-givers encourage and assist elders to participate in physical activities like yoga, exercises, walking etc.

  • Care-givers perform physiotherapy exercises as guided by the physiotherapist.

  • Aaptha designs indoor fun activities based on the elder’s health and mental condition which can give a great relief from the emotional sickness and isolation. Care-givers conduct these activities and ensure that elders participate.

  • Based on the client’s requirement care-givers help in house hold works like cooking, cleaning, washing etc.



Resident buddy is a service where a student or working employee would reside along with your parents in the same home. This service is focused mostly on avoiding the feeling of psychological loneliness in elders by offering a physical presence around them.  These resident buddies do all the services that are done by a part-time care companions except that they are excluded from tasks like cleaning, washing and cooking.



Part-time and full-time nursing services are provided. Well qualified and experienced nurses would take care of your parents. As per your requirement, either full-time or part-time services can be availed.



Elderly parents who are mostly self-sufficient but need some occasional assistance

As an example, they need assistance for visiting a hospital as an outpatient and going through multiple registration processes, tests, MRIs, scans, etc. OR combining multiple chores into a single-day activity like paying bills, visiting a bank, following up on land registration, etc.

Get in Touch

“In all our services, our care-companions will always be in touch with local diagnostic centres, hospitals, doctors and ambulance services. If our volunteers find any decline in your parent’s health, it will be immediately informed to you and with our backend team, the issue can be sort-out together.  In emergency situations, your local relatives will be contacted and co-ordinated in bringing down the situation into control”.

Frequently Asked Question's

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