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Services Across Hyderabad

From 2021 April to July 2023, We provided 120 services across Hyderabad, Warangal, Mahbubnagar, Karimnagar, and Bangalore. We feel very proud and happy that we are on our mission and vision. Providing a quality service to seniour citizens parallelly employment opportunity to un-employeed men,women, divorced,widowed. 

Our Active services 

In Hyderabad

We have our Services at  20+ different localities in Hyderabad apart from Other Districts, This shows We are not Restricted to one place.

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12 Elders completed 1 Year Service with Aaptha

From 2021 September till 2023 July we gave services to 12 different elders who completed 1 year of service with Aaptha eldercare. There 10 more different elder who are going to complete 1 year service in next 2-3 months. This shows our dedication towards service to elders. Unfortunately we lost 30+ elders through age related issues.


Caregivers completed 1 year Journey Aaptha

We were able to provide empolyment  for 15 Employees who completed 1 year of Journey with Aaptha Eldercare who  choosen caregiver as their career path. There are 10 plus caregivers who will complete 1 year journey in next 2-3 months. 

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