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Aaptha, initiated by Philadelphia Telangana Association, is an empathy-driven project organized by a group of NRI’s who understand the pain of missing elderly parents and explore solutions to not only solve for meeting daily activity requirements but also satisfy their emotional needs.

Philadelphia Telangana Association (PTA) is a US-based 501(C)(3) tax-exempt charity with a mission to serve the community in the Philadelphia area and the Telangana community in India, in the areas of health, education, culture, art, environment, and rural development.



In this present IT-diffused world, not everyone is fortunate to secure a job and settle in the same place from where he or she is born and brought up. Since our birth, we tend to move from place to place for either better education or better career options, to have a better future in life. In this long journey, we and our parents happen to endure many sacrifices. We miss our home, we miss our friends, we miss our locale and the toughest part is that we miss our most loved ones. Here is the dearth where our Aaptha plays its part.



Aging parents face many challenges in their golden age. Most common is their diminished ability to perform daily chores, monitor dietary restrictions, follow the prescription regimen, keep up with daily exercise and physiotherapy requirements, and incapacitation in general. Aaptha’s mission is to address these challenges with compassion as its core principle. Aaptha’s services cater to elderly needs at varying levels of assistance ranging from short-term on- demand services to long-term companionship needs. We like to achieve this at a reasonable cost, with the help of well-trained, paid volunteers who are genuinely concerned about these elderly needs, and most importantly share the same level of passion as that of the founders. This has been foundational to Aaptha’s execution plan.

We put equal emphasis on both the physical and emotional wellbeing of our elderly population. The global pandemic further exposed isolation challenges causing higher stress among the elderly. This is more evident among parents that are used to seeing their children and grandchildren at least once every year or two years but now have been distanced for longer periods by restrictions in international travel. Aaptha recognizes this as a need that doesn’t often bubble up but requires attention. We train our volunteers to handle conversations, understand thoughts in ways that help the elderly feel emotionally balanced, facilitate programs that help relieve stress induced by loneliness.


Our mission is to help the golden agers, who denied their self and sacrificed their dreams for our bright futures, who taught us morals and values holding our fingers, to lead their twilight days comfortably and happily. We envision to build a trust in our clients that their bestowers of birth are leading a comfortable and content life in Aaptha’s safe and affectionate hands. We also envision to kindle moto of service in each individual in the society, irrespective of gender, profession or any sort of , by motivating them and then integrating them into helping these Golden Agers

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