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The Power of compassionate Caregiver

Godam Jugadi Rao AKA Chandu from Adilabad. He studied till intermediate.
I wonder how these young guys choose to work as caregivers.

At first impression, I doubted whether Chandu can fit into this caregiver job role. 
He was very calm and didn't speak much during the orientation session. He said that he worked as a caregiver earlier, so I asked him what he did in his earlier work. He explained about his work in a step-by-step process. So far, no
caregiver explained me in such a way. So, I thought to give him a chance. 
His first case was with an elder who got surgery for his legs.  Service lasted only for one month as the elder recovered very fast. On the last day of the service, the elder got tears and he thanked Chandu by hugging him. It was an emotional moment for our team. Elder and his family were very happy with his work.
Later he was on the bench for 10-15 days, but he never asked us when he is going to join work again.  
Later after 15 days, I sent him to another work in my hometown,

it was a small village. As part of our work, I asked Chandu whether he liked to work in that village or not, he said he liked the village and the elder’s family, even the elder’s family requested us to continue Chandu as they liked his work. It’s been 7 months since Chandu has been working with us. Elder is doing good and there is no complaint from Chandu nor from the client.
There are a few more caregivers of Chandu’s age, who came from rural areas to Hyderabad

choosing caregivers as their profession to support their family financially and leading a happy life.
The power of a caregiver lies in compassion and it is such an inspiring story!
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